Hello everyone, I know I know, the price of everything has tripled and the general temperature in Nigeria is hot. I remind myself every day, that people are going through high levels of stress, so if someone starts to abuse all your generations just because you accidentally smiled at them (kilode? You don’t chop finish ba? Smiler! Smmmmmhh). Don’t worry about it, it comes with the territory.

One thing I have realized is how wasteful we have been in the past. Believe me all that talk of I only eat freshly made food is now out of the window, with Garri going for 300 naira per mudu, measuring the quantity to make, has to be accurate. I’m so close to using a magnifying glass to measure the grains…(I kid you not!). So I was in the market the other day asking my fish customer to collect all the fish heads he removed so I could buy them for Diego (our Caucasian dog) and he gives me this look like, madam you still get dog for this economy? Then he quickly added saying ‘madam instead of me to feed dog, with food were 5 human being go chop, chai! I no go gree (calm down Oga, easy does it!!)

Don’t resort to eating your dog, just follow this 3 practical tips:

Plan: You have a fixed income, so there is no point acting surprised, when you keep making random withdrawals, and use up all your money probably one week after you get paid. No matter how much or little you earn, a plan is a good thing. Start by writing out all your debts, expenses, etc. Then apportion amounts to all of them. I will be making a sample list on my next post so look out.

Create a side hustle: Start doing something extra to increases your income; this is key just because no matter how much you plan, your income does not have the same value. Meaning if for instance you received N100, 000 last year when the dollar was N250 that same amount is valued at N50,000 now the dollar is N500. Service based businesses are what I would recommend for a start, think about putting a little fee on something you already do for free.

 Buy food from farms or village markets: I was buying eggs at N1100 from the market until I discovered a poultry just a stone throw from my house (somebody shout halleluiah!). Also, I finally found my way to Dei-dei market last weekend where I bought a huge basket of onions and tomatoes at very interesting prices. So my advice here is, seek and you shall find. Ask around for village markets and errrrr ladies leave your expensive cars, handbags and degrees at home, the market is like a chess game, and those traders are grand masters!!!!


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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Joey Zaza Zemente says:

    Lovely post. One of your best write-up yet.


    1. nobination says:

      You are too kind…Joey. Thanks for always sharing my post.


  2. Flora says:

    Really Nice!


    1. nobination says:

      Thanks for stopping by flora


  3. david says:

    i really need this financial planning …lovely ..thanks


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