Home is a place where we ought to be at our best, yet for some of us it’s a total opposite of the image we portray. The homes I see on that T.V show hoarders, have nothing on some Nigerian homes, they are still learners.

From the huge set of charcoal pots (which we use once a year) to the different sizes of mortars we can’t let go of, even though Dooney from donneyskitchen.com has been trying to show us how a food processor can easily do everything a mortar can do, and more. We are still holding on to the mortar (like, It’s our tradition, don’t try to change us).

I have seen spoilt refrigerators converted to kitchen cabinets (Why, my people?). You know, it’s not about how much money you have, it’s about making a commitment to live the best possible life you can. They say less is more!!!! So if your home doesn’t make you feel safe or happy, it’s not the bird that died behind your window that is to blame.

There are a few general facts to look out for, starting from these basic questions. Is the lighting in your home bright enough? Does the furniture fit the space? Are you displaying things that give you happy memories? I encourage you to be deliberate about making your home a peaceful gateway. After all with the current exchange rates, staying at home just became more appealing than the white sands of Zanzibar. Here are my top tips:

Declutter: I understand your pots were handed down from your sweet grandma on your wedding day. But what about those one million plastic disposable plates with mix matched covers. (Throw them away!!! thanks and god bless.)

Don’t be afraid to modify: You haven’t painted the house in 3 years? I know some of us feel like we are doing our landlords a huge favour, by doing minor repairs or repainting. This is so wrong!!! Your landlord isn’t the one walking on broken tiles or having nightmares about those ugly skeletons your children pencilled on the walls. Come on! Whatever value you add to your space benefits you first.

Get the funk out: Regardless of how much we love gbegiri, ugba and all the other foul-smelling goodness that is Nigerian food, we must remain reasonable. Not all of us can afford extractor hoods in our kitchens, so Air fresheners are a must-have.  Aroma theraphy oils and scents while very enchanting, can be hard on the dwindling Naira, I personally love air wick gels and sprays, and they are a staple on my market list.

That’s it guys!!!! Don’t be afraid to try something new, and feel good where it matters most.





6 Comments Add yours

    1. nobination says:

      thanks for stopping by


  1. Agwunobi C N(Pharm)Mrs. says:

    This is really an eye oponer for grannies.


    1. nobination says:

      yes grandma!!! thanks for stopping by


  2. Flora says:

    Thanks sweetie ! I feel like you saw those disposable plates! Taking action asap!


    1. nobination says:

      thanks flora…operation dispose the disposables, here we go!!!


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