How not to be Lady Koi Koi

I’ve heard that your shoes are the first thing people notice about you, I’ve also heard you can tell how broke a person is by their shoes. You know what, at a certain stage in life you just have to sit back and ask yourself some tough questions such as…Who new shoes epp?

Oh the foolishness addiction brings out in the very best of us, many years ago I found myself in a sad situation having to hide my asos or mall for Africa things when they were delivered, sometimes in the boot of my car for some days, then I would find the right time to sneak them in. But when you have a husband who nothing ever escapes these words must be your trusted ally “no baby they aren’t new I bought them a lonnnnnng time ago” that usually goes with the cutest smile you own.

Back in the days, all you had to do after buying a new shoe was take it to a shoemaker and nod!!! The guy would know exactly what you wanted him to do, which was to re-sew your shoe sole around the edges for extra fortification, and then the shoe would be ready to fight the good fight!

Cleaning and caring for shoes has never been one of my many talents however, I cannot stand shoes with a bad heel, that make the koi koi sound when you walk in them, they remind me of some dark days of my life, when I was broke as a mice (it doesn’t cost that much to fix a heel lulu chill…why so sensitive?) seriously it was a hard time #sobs.

Along the way I’ve had to unlearn impulsive emotional shoe shopping and learn to care for the ones I’ve got.

Here are some tips:

  1. Storage is key, if you pile them up together in a carton or box please repent.
  2. Since the Knock about slippers (KAS) does so much work, it’s deserves more than a 3k budget, don’t you agree? Generally having a few good shoes is better than a wardrobe of junk.
  3. Do not walk on interlocking stones with your heels. Always be armed with the (KAS)
  4. Shoes should be polished and cleaned after every use, find the right tools for maintaining leather and swede, invest in them.
  5. Get a good cobbler, most shoes you’ve discarded could have been repaired and restored. Remember there are the likes of GEJ out there with no shoes!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Agan says:

    Shoe bags are a good investment, you can even make yours. The kids can help out making it “family time”. Bonding things😀


  2. nobination says:

    Chisom please make some and send my way!!!!!


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