Dishes without end

There were more than twenty relatives living with us, plus a cook and a nanny who were all much older than me, ate a lot more than I did and had much bigger hands than mine, I never understood why I had to do certain chores.

A sink full of dirty dishes with my name on it, is my idea of getting a maximum sentence!!! I’d choose to cook lunch and dinner, wash three bathrooms and mop the entire house as a replacement for washing a few palm oil stained, messy leftover splattered plates.

I remember filling some pots with water and hiding them under the sink wishing they would just go away, lo and behold two days later…Who left this pot here saga begins and ah!! The investigation was always thorough, in the end I would still be made to wash the now foul-smelling pot(s) after hearing the story of all my generations.

I recall one argument my husband and I had shortly after we got engaged…he said it’s not right for you to visit me and leave dirty plates in the sink. Brotherly relax those dishes were there before I got here!!! He says yes I know but you should help me with them.

wow! Is this my life? #‎singing Jigidem oyewem Jesus Jigidem.

Finally, I realized that I would soon be solely responsible for all kitchen duties including the dreaded dish and I said to myself surely my reward must be in heaven. Just avoid the drama, try my tips for doing dishes:

  1. Clear out all remnant food and arrange the dishes
  2. Start with easy things like smaller ceramic plates, somehow you’d get in a better mood as you go on to handle the oily plastics and semovita pots.
  3. Wash as you go. Don’t let the dishes get crusty.
  4. Reduce your utensils to the barest minimum, seriously you don’t need to keep all the spoons you own in the drawer. You can’t wash what you don’t use. *wink*
  5. Washing plates in teams can be fun, so encourage your partner or the kids to help with dishes. (Good luck with that)
  6. Put on your favorite playlist…dance along and forget your sorrows!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. david says:

    i love this blog


  2. nobination says:

    Thanks for stopping by David. Let’s live laugh and learn together.


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