Quick Guide To Slaying Mosquitoes

I hate mosquitoes. I’m sure nobody loves them but keep calm and let me explain.  As you know seven hours of sleep at night is a luxury for any mother, but I’ve been known to sacrificially give up about two or more precious good sleep time, for the satisfaction of slapping some mosquitoes.

If an insect flies by I can easily tell if it’s a cricket, little moth (the damp insects) or UFO and if it’s a mosquitoes the next course of action would be a swift turn, military style pace following target closely with my eyes, identify flying speed and pattern, arms swing into position, lock in target and clap!!!!!. Check palms, spot deceased target, rejoicing in heaven.

My 6.ft something over 100kg husband is the complete opposite, so irritating is his lack of zeal towards killing anything. He goes “I’m a peace loving man’ Huh? On top mosquitoes!!!!  If only the mosquitoes shared your sentiments. Interestingly mosquitoes find bigger people more attractive because they produce more attractants such as CO2 and lactic acid. *lol*

I find using insecticides temporarily helpful, the mosquitoes just faint or play dead under the influence then come back with an angry vengeance later in the night, or the next day.

In my experience as a certified mosquito slayer, I’ve learnt the following:

  1. If you have torn nets or no nets at all (god forbid) around your house, you must be a peace loving human, no time for you today.
  2. Kids are very likely to leave nets open, be sure to inspect them regularly.
  3. If you spot one mosquito, surely there are much more in hiding. If you see three or more, get insecticide, the battle is not yours.
  4. Mosquito nets are great (I just don’t like them) shame on me. Start using them early for your kids so they can become accustomed.
  5. Remember a key part of controlling mosquitoes starts from the outdoors, so get rid of stagnant water and empty your trash daily.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Agan says:

    if you are fair and amidst a group of dark people… Haha sorry is your name! Mosquitoes will just chew you. 😂
    Thanks lulu for the entertaining post, I had a good laugh. But I’m not a fan of pesticides because of the dangerous side effects we, especially kids, are exposed to from the chemicals.


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